TRAVEL SKETCHING AND EXPLORATIONS— I really get to know a place by sketching or painting during my travels.

I will be co-teaching a travel sketching and painting class in Sorrento Italy, April 10-15, 2019 —(NOW FULL)

Also a class is forming for Tuscany and Florence Fall 2019 (date TBD). Contact me if you are interested!

Stay tuned for updates here and on my upcoming krisbrewerart and Chipkin-Brewer Art Facebook page.

LIFE DRAWING AND ARTIST’S SALONS—I have these from time to time based on interest. Let me know yours!

COMMISSIONS: I am happy to create a painting for and with you. I will need 3-6 months to complete a commission.

Please contact me if you are interested.

ABOUT THE Paintings-

Though I still create sculpture, the exhilaration of painting makes my heart pound.

My WATERSCAPE, STAR SERIES, ART OF PARTNERSHIP paintings are mostly abstract or impressionistic.

I love abstract painting because it’s free and exhilarating...there are no maps!

My favorite style is loose brush, thick paint, multiple layers and bold colors.

I might use a symbol to anchor the painting to something real, while keeping the rest of the painting loose and abstract. 

I tend to work fast, stream of consciousness, often using my hands to sculpt with paint. 

My NIGHTSCAPE Paintings have become my passion project.

I am lovingly commemorating dive bars, theaters and other iconic landmark buildings that speak of simpler times.

Most are realistichave an acrylic under-painting and some are finished with oil.


I consider sculpture "The Art of Gravity." 

Most of my Outdoor Sculptures, were inspired by nature, geometric designs or mythological themes. 

I use metal, wood, cement, resin and sand to wrap around welded metal frames.

Art imitating Life, I work hard to create “strong foundations,” using layers of cement and metal to withstand wind, rain, and the unpredictable public. 

In my Figurative Sculpture Gallery, I  explore the concepts of spirituality and inter-connectedness with my life-size Passion Series. 

I studied mold-making extensively and created my own method of casting courageous colleagues bodies, then finished the work with layers of resin.

Most of my Figurative or Outdoor sculptures come with a light source and "light up from the inside"--intriguing by day, a warm glow by night.

Finally, my light-weight cement Abstract Sculptural Paintings were created by casting cement in wooden molds. After curing several days the mold is pulled off and I finish each piece with paint or leave "as is". 

Because of the relief and three-dimensionality of each piece, lighting from different angles creates drama and shadow play.



  • Lighting dramatically changes each piece.

  • All sculptures can be made weather-proof for outdoor use.