Artist's Statement~January 2018


Kris grew up in the mountains of Southern California. 

She has created and exhibited paintings, prints and sculptural work for the past 25 years.  



Printmaking and Sculpture--

Kris attended Santa Monica City College and Mission Renaissance Art School in West Los Angeles, studying printmaking for many years before moving onto sculpture.

Kris became serious about sculpture after taking a welding class. She was excited by the idea of sculpture being the 'Art of Gravity,' and using both parts of her brain-- imagining it and then engineering it. It had to stand up strongly, and hopefully forever, to wind, weather, and the unpredictable public. Much like life!




After enjoying some success in Los Angeles with abstract cement and metal sculpture, Kris moved to the Bay Area, represented by Terrain Gallery in San Francisco. Kris continued to study art at Fort Mason Art campus as well as SF Art Institute.

Three of Kris's abstract and figurative sculptures were chosen as permanent installations at Yerba Buena Gardens for three summers running.  

Kris  was featured in a CNN special about artists and animals that paint.

Her figurative sculpture work was chosen out of 300 applicants to be exhibited at The Peninsula Museum of Art in Belmont, CA. 

Kris studied mold-making and experimented with cements, plasters and resins to wrap around her welded metal frames.

She also used plaster to wrap and mold her colleague's bodies for her figurative series. 

Most of Kris's work was large scale and "lit up from the inside"--intriguing by day, a warm glow by night, often becoming an entirely different statement.

Most of Kris's abstract outdoor works were inspired by nature and use sand, metal, wood, cement or resin.

Her wrapped figurative pieces  were often inspired by stories, poems,  feelings or experiences.




After winning an internship at Ramnarine Gallery and Foundry, Kris moved to New York City where she focused on cast bronze sculptural work for the next two years.




After returning to the Bay Area where she resides today, Kris  studied for two years at the SF Art Institute, this time focusing on refining her painting.

Today, Kris continues to create sculpture, but the exhilaration of painting makes her heart pound. She enjoys abstract painting because it feels free but a little terrifying! There are no maps. She also enjoys making impressionistic or abstract landscapes and seascapes as well. 

Using textures and bold colors to communicate, she creates a feeling or a mood, sometimes an inner state or the essence of an idea.  Sometimes she uses a symbol to anchor the painting to something real, but keeps the rest of the painting loose and abstract. She often starts with a paintbrush but will employ dripping, scraping, or pulling.  Sometimes she uses stencil. 

She likes to work fast-- stream of conscientiousness--resulting in a bold effect. Because Kris still considers herself a sculptor, she uses a lot of paint, creating texture, often using her hands as natural and immediate tools. 

Occasionally Kris collaborate's with fellow artist and dear friend, Lisa Chipkin. This partnership has pushed their work to a new level. They are called to fine tune their emotional and empathic tools along with their artistic ones. They feel, working together, that they have grown exponentially as artists, communicators, and as humans beings. 

Finally--Kris's Nightscapes Series has become her passion project. They remember simpler times and the coziness of old landmark buildings which might--she fears--at any moment disappear.  She has enjoyed finding hidden gems in pockets of Los Angeles, San Francisco and Marin to commemorate through paintings and prints. 

Kris's influences include Gerhart Richter, Mark Rothko, Ross Bleckner, Kiki Smith, Mark Grieve, and Silvia Poloto.


All works of art on this website are created by Kris Richardson Brewer. Some of the paintings on this site are created by both Kris Richardson Brewer and Lisa Chipkin.