Artist Statement ~ Kris Richardson Brewer

May 2017

I am a painter and a sculptor. I began studying art in earnest in my late teens.

I studied printmaking for many years, before moving onto sculpture. I became serious about sculpture after taking a welding class. I was excited by the idea of sculpture being the Art of Gravity, and using both parts of my brain-- imagining it and then engineering it. It had to stand up strongly, and hopefully forever, to wind, weather, and the unpredictable public. A bit like life!

I learned about mold-making and experimented with different cements and resins to wrap around my welded metal abstract sculptures.

Most of my work lit up from the inside.

I wanted my work provocative and pleasing to the eye by day, a relaxed and inviting glow by night. Looking natural though built with some very un-natural materials. I used sand and metal and wood to achieve this. Most works were abstract and inspired by nature.


     After some success in Los Angeles showing abstract cement and metal sculpture, I moved to the Bay Area where Terrain Gallery is San Francisco represented me. I showed my sculptures at Buena Vista Gardens for three summers running.  As well, I was featured in a CNN special about artists and animals that paint.


     The homes and attitudes in Northern California were more conventional than those in Los Angeles. My focus slowly changed to representational sculpture which I showed for a few years. 


     But I wanted to work on large-scale metal sculpture.    


     After winning an internship at a gallery and foundry, I moved to New York where I focused on cast bronze sculptural work for the next two years.


     After returning to the Bay Area where I reside today, I became interested in painting when confined to my bed for many months. Prior to this, I had mostly thought of myself as a sculptor, as that’s where I felt the most accomplished. Today, I still love to create sculpture, but the challenge of painting continues to pull me back in and make my heart pound.


     I prefer abstract painting because it feels free and exhilarating. But also a little terrifying. There are no maps!


     Using textures and bold colors to communicate, I am creating a feeling or a mood, sometimes an inner state or the essence of an idea.  Sometimes I use a symbol to anchor the painting to something real, but keep the rest of the painting loose and abstract.


     I often start with a paintbrush or another tool but also employ dripping, scraping and pulling. Sometimes I use stencil.


     I like to work fast, using lots of paint, and often end up using my hands.


     Recently I started collaborating with artist and dear friend, Lisa Chipkin, and this partnership has pushed my and our work to a new level. We are called to fine tune our emotional and empathic tools along with our artistic ones. We feel, working together, that we have grown exponentially as artists, communicators, and as humans.


     My influences are Gerhart Richter, Jackson Pollock, Pierre Bonnard, Kiki Smith, Mark Grieve, Lisa Chipkin and Silvia Poloto.




Kris Richardson Brewer has studied and created mixed-media paintings and sculptures since childhood. She has taught and exhibited her work for the past 25 years.  Kris grew up in the mountains of Southern California and now resides in Marin County, CA.

Most of Kris’ sculptures “…light up from the inside.”

All works of art on this website are created by Kris Richardson Brewer. Some of the paintings on this site are created by both Kris Richardson Brewer and Lisa Chipkin.