Nightscapes at Marin Open Studios, 2018 ( Trad’r Sam, Buena Vista, Alexandria Theater )

Nightscapes at Marin Open Studios, 2018 (Trad’r Sam, Buena Vista, Alexandria Theater)


Pricing and Terms of sale

Thank you for viewing Kris’s artwork!

If you are interested in seeing a painting, please contact Kris to schedule a private studio appointment.

Hours are flexible and may include weekends.

You may “try out” a painting to make sure that it works for you.

Painting commissions generally take 3-6 months from start to delivery.

AS WELL, twenty per cent from the sale goes to these charities or non-profits:

Environmental Working Group

New Century Chamber Orchestra 

10,000 degrees

Yosemite Foundation 

The Sierra Club

Organic consumers


Kris Brewer’s works range from 600. for high quality prints to 27,000. for original Nightscape paintings.

The average price for most Kris Brewer paintings—NOT including Nightscape Paintings--is 6,500.


A commissioned Nightscape painting of your favorite iconic restaurant, dive bar, or theatre is 21,000. to 27,000., depending on size, time, complexity, canvas or wood panel.

High quality photographic prints of Nightscape paintings are 450. alone, 600. framed.

Nightscape limited edition giclee (permanent pigment prints on canvas) range from 2,500. to 4,500., depending on size, time and paint embellishment.

Existing Nightscape paintings are 18,000 to 27,000., depending on size, time, and complexity, canvas or wood panel.

Waterscape, Landscape, Art of Partnership, High Vibration, Big Mystery or The Star Series—

Original works or commissions range from 6,500. to 10,000. depending on size, time and complexity.


Ask Kris directly about a sculpture or a commissioned sculpture.


To purchase or inquire about a painting please contact Kris at

Cash, check, visa, paypal and venmo are accepted.

A 10% deposit is necessary for commissions.

Terms are available.

Most work is offered at 50% off during Marin Open Studios May events.

Discounts are given for purchase of more than one painting.

Lease plans: For multiple paintings Kris can offer a 6 month, 1 yr. or 2 yr. lease plan. Many businesses can write off the expense of a painting in this way.

Shipping, handling, and insurance information can be provided. Cost depends on size and destination.

Thank you for your interest!